Fall Straithern

Big middle aged human male with a commanding presence.


Fall is the Governor of the House of Mercenaries in Fallscliff, and the Chairman of the Capitol Council. He has been the general of the mercenary company ‘Hammerfast’, but gave that up when he was asked to take his father’s place in the House of Mercenaries. Those positions are not hereditary, but Fall proved to have all of his father’s skills at dealing with people who didn’t want to work together. His appointment has proven to be a very good one. Fall was almost immediately named as Governor, a position his father never held, and quickly took control of the Capitol Council as well. In the fifteen years since he took over, Fallscliff has seen unprecedented economic growth and stability. He even convinced the House of Merchants to accept a Seafolk Family into membership, which, until then, had been seen as rivals to Fallscliff’s trade position.


Fall Straithern

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