Winter Straithern

Beautiful, but stone cold Steward of the Domestic House of Fallscliff


Beautiful and Cold. About the only two words anyone uses to describe her. Her snow white hair with her reddish brown complexion makes her stand out in any crowd visibly. The fact that the temperature drops some ten degrees whenever she enters a room makes her stand out socially. She’s been tested by many magicians, but has been found to have no magical abilities whatsoever. No one can detect any arcane or divine cause for this effect either.

She is the sister of Fall Straithern, Governor of the House of Law of Fallscliff. She herself has risen to the position of the Steward of the Domestic House. However, as he seems to have come by it naturally, she has driven herself to her position. The day her brother was named Governor, she told her colleagues that she would be there with him as Steward. She then set about proving she could. It took her only five years. She never stepped on anyone that didn’t need it, and the only enemies she made were those who wanted that position for themselves. A few of these were powerful, but she doesn’t so much ignore them as sees them as insignificant to the bigger picture. There have been three attempts on her life since her ascendancy. All three have proven that her big brother has taught her a few things about self defense.


Winter Straithern

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