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  • Phardos

    Phardos: The God of Fire Alignment: True Neutral Symbol: Flame Incarnation: Fire Elemental Phardos is worshipped by almost everyone as the primary source of light and heat upon the world.

  • Aillur

    Aillur: Goddess of Wilderness Alignment: Neutral Good Symbol: Tree Incarnation: Dryad Aillur watches over all things that grow and live in the wilderness. She is most often worshipped by druids, rangers, and barbarians. She is married to the …

  • Dagron

    Dagron: God of Farming Alignment: Lawful Neutral Symbol: Wheat stalk Incarnation: Earth Elemental Dagron is worshipped by farmers, ranchers, and gardeners. He is also venerated by the Nomads in their care for their horses. Dagron is married …

  • Agara

    Agara: Goddess of the Waters Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Symbol: Wave Incarnation: Sea Serpent Especially worshipped by the Seafolk. Venerated by all sailors, and anyone dealing with lakes, rivers etc. Married to the god Sardan.

  • Sardan

    Sardan: God of the Winds Alignment: True Neutral Symbol: Air swirl Incarnation: Storm Elemental Also worshipped by Seafolk, but to a lesser extent than Agara. Married to Agara. Worshipped by Nomads. Venerated by travellers. Seen as the god …