The Kingdom of Eiredore, established by the first Sword-King, Mathar. No one knows where he came from, but he approached the Church of Z’handar, and presented himself and his sword, Eiredore, to them as the leader they needed to esablish a new nation upon Darken. This day has been established as the first day of the New Order. Mathar named the area around the primary church the future site of the city of Eiredore. He immediately commissioned a wall to be built around the area. Few know where he got the funds to start with, but it was there. He then took the Paladins of the church and started establishing their rule over the local lands and the River. Many people were happy to have some stability somewhere. As word spread, people came from everywhere to support any form of stable government. Establishing rule, turned to enforcing laws. Criminals were used as free labor to help build the new City. In fact many criminals, discovered that helping to build the new nation was even more rewarding than their former endeavors, and after working hard and earning parole, worked even harder to help establish the City’s infrastructure. Many became tradesmen, and merchants who have turned the City of Eiredore into a thriving center of culture and civilization. It can never become as powerful a trade center as Fallscliff, or Delta, but they do well enough.

Meanwhile, Mathar continued to expand the borders of his new nation. Controlling the entire Great River from Fallscliff to Delta. Fallscliff was always a base of operations for mercenaries and adventurers, and was too well designed for defense for Mathar and Eiredore to even consider a military takeover. When political pressure proved unsuccessful, he established trade relations with them and otherwise ignored them. He’d hoped to create a powerful trade center for Eiredore in Delta, and it was, until The Sea Kingdom took it.

Feeling the pressures of time, Mathar established a means for succession of the rule of Eiredore. He called for a tournament to be held every five years. This tournament would not only test contestants’ combat skills, but their leadership skills as well. Whoever wins the tournament is to be finally tested by the sword itself. Whatever power rests within the sword, it is rested upon the crown of the victor. The sword will then indicate the acceptability of the victor with a sound. A single ring, as if struck by a hammer, indicates the champion will be next in line for succession. No sound indicates the champion can be a Champion of the realm, but no part of the line of succession. And, to this date only one champion has had the sword twist in the king’s grip and descend through his skull, killing him. In the case of a new successor being chosen to supplant the previous Crown Prince, the Prince keeps that title and is moved down the line of succession. There have been as many as four Princes, in line after the Crown Prince. Princes usually become lords over a region of the country and aid in its governance. The Sword has always chosen Princes that have been strong leaders, and become powerful Kings helping to further strengthen the Kingdom both militarily and politically. Mathar barely survived long enough to see the Kingdom reach it’s northern border to The Nomad Steppes. His successor, Karthen, established the treaty with the Nomads, thus recognizing their sovereignty and rough area of influence.

The Kings and Princes have all been devotees of, or at least pay tribute to, Z’handar, God of Order. They are given ceremonial Paladin ranks allowing them to command the Church’s knights and troops in times of need. Though in the last fifty years the Church’s troop levels have been minimal at best. With the country stabilized, there has been little need to protect the various churches and temples within the borders. Only those locations outside the Kingdom of Eiredore have any real need for protection.

Characters from Eiredore get a +2 to religion checks, and a +2 to history checks


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