Tybalt Rashemar

Rake, ne'er-do-well, dandy


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Occupation: Dandy

Height: 5’11"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Brown


“A gentleman:

Does not flaunt his own riches;

Never lets others see him checking the time;

Is always punctual;

Projects high moral value;

Lets their social betters address them first;

Is always discreet;

Is always polite;

Is never vulgar or loud;

Does not interrupt;

Ad infinitum;

Ad nauseum;

So perhaps it can be said that I am no gentleman…” – Tybalt Rashemar

Born into one of the oldest and most prestigious families of Fallscliff, Tybalt Rashemar values neither wealth nor the monied sense of propriety very greatly.

Tutored by the best and brightest Fallscliff had to offer, he developed a keen intellect and devoured the knowledge fed to him at an early age. As he grew, it also became apparent that not only was he an intelligent young man but also had an uncanny grasp on social engagement as well. His eccentricities and occasional flouting of the social order were often overlooked as he became more popular.

By the time he came of age, it was apparent that Tybalt was no gentleman at all. Considered these days something of a rogue and a scoundrel, he has been involved in several scandalous affairs and duels. Rumor abound as to his prowess in numerous areas, most of which no gentleman would admit to publicly.

Society of Fallscliff regards Tybalt with a sense of both dread and awe, and engagements are rarely considered to be complete without his presence, whether he has been invited or not. Although many at those gatherings find themselves uncertain whether they have been insulted or complimented by Tybalt’s barbed, silver tongue.

Tybalt is known to be fond of drink, and said to partake in illicit substances as well. He is rarely found without a beautiful woman on one arm, usually his wife, Erima. His associations with those of lower status have also brought some scandal to his name, yet like any other scandal, he seems more than capable of turning it to his advantage.

Tybalt Rashemar

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