Fallscliff, the Home of the Mercenaries Guild and the Legendary Imperial Arms Inn. Fallscliff was less a victim of the Chaos than a beneficiary of it. Almost every mercenary company in the world calls it home, the other two keep representatives there. The years of chaos held many opportunities for mercenaries to gain fortunes. So money poured into Fallscliff, but it felt the chaos nonetheless. The city was divided between the different mercenary companies. The freight lifts could barely operate for one company or another trying to take over it’s usage.

Then, about 200 years ago, a merchant who’d made quite a bit of money trading between the various mercenary companies, managed to get enough of them to listen to him to start a ‘convention for government’. Representatives from each of the mercenaries and the several rich merchants and even laborer groups were invited to attend. It took only a few weeks to hammer out the basic idea, but a few months to detail it.

The government of Fallscliff is made up of three Houses. It was originally only going to be two, but service strikes from a few of the very quickly formed laborer’s guilds got the third House added. Those Houses were of course, The Mercenaries House, The Merchants House, and the Laborers House. Since, they’ve become colloquially known, respectively, as The House of Law, The House of Trade, and The Domestic House. The various churches later got together and formed an unofficial fourth house called the House of the Gods, but it has no influence on the governance of the city. Each house determines the rules and regulations regarding each of their venues, but send five representatives each to the Capitol House to determine any laws impacting the city as a whole. One of those representatives is the leader of each house. Theses house leaders are; The Governor of the House of Law, The Minister of the House of Trade, and the Steward of the Domestic House. It was quickly decided that the freight lifts were a whole city impacting subject, and so anything with regards to it was decided by the Capitol Council. This system has worked amazingly well ever since.

The City Guard and Defenders are conscripted from the various mercenary companies. There are fifteen different Companies based in Fallscliff and each provides one unit of 100 men for the city’s use. These troops are rotated out of the companies’ regular forces every six months. The city also has the right to draft any other forces from those currently stationed within the city whenever the need arises. Like if another siege comes from Karnas, or if one of the downland nations gets ambitious. However, the lower city is much easier to defend than the upper city, as it actually rests under the cliff, and is carved from it.

Characters from Fallscliff gain a +2 to sense motives checks, and a +2 to survival checks.


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